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One of the finest golf courses in the Paris region, ranked among Europe's top 50. Built on a hilly, wooded site, it offers panoramic views over the region and allows golfers to recharge their batteries in the countryside.



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Le 19, located in the club house, offers French cuisine, combining local flavours.

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Golf de l'Isle Adam takes action for biodiversity

For over 20 years, Golf de l'Isle Adam has been committed to protecting biodiversity. Today, we wish to be recognized for this commitment by obtaining the "Golf & Biodiversity" label awarded by the French Golf Federation and the Federation of Conservatories of Natural Spaces. This demonstrates our desire to practice our sport while improving our knowledge and respect for our natural spaces, and for those who live or develop in them. Discover our special biodiversity points along the way. If you'd like to find out more, you can do so at the locations indicated on this map.

Geographical context


Golf de l'Isle Adam is located in the far north of the Ile de France region, at the confluence of the Parc Régional (PNR) du Vexin français and the PNR Oise Pays de France.

This 140-hectare golf course is set in a hilly, forested, slightly urbanized landscape. It is surrounded by two important wooded areas, part of which is integrated into the course. To the west, it borders the Isle Adam national forest. To the east and north, it is surrounded by farmland and residential hamlets. To the south, it is bordered by farmland and the freeway.

Tree cover is well established, representing a canopy index of around 55%.

In addition, several basins are fed by a spring and are connected from south to north. The total water surface area is thus around 21800 m3.


In this way, the Isle Adam golf course is a positive factor in the regional challenges of preserving and restoring ecological continuity, as well as blue continuity, thanks to its streams, ponds and wetlands.


The Golf de l'Isle Adam is home to wetlands of vital importance to local biodiversity. Fed by watercourses, these 2-hectare stretches of water are a precious habitat for a multitude of animal and plant species.

A unique environment:

  • The diversity of wetland types present on the site, from ponds to reedbeds, offers a variety of habitats suitable for a wide range of species.
  • Water quality, preserved by the absence of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, is essential for the reproduction and development of many aquatic species.
  • The lush vegetation of riverbanks and wetlands provides essential shelter and food for wildlife.

An essential ecological role:

  • Water filtration: Wetlands act as natural filters, trapping pollutants and sediments in the water.
  • Climate regulation: They help regulate the local climate by absorbing carbon and combating heat islands.
  • Flood prevention: By absorbing rainwater, wetlands reduce the risk of flooding in surrounding areas.

The meadows of the Golf de l'Isle Adam: a precious ecological asset

The Golf de l'Isle Adam is home to two distinct types of grassland: improved and reseeded meadows, and mown meadows. Both play an important role in the site's ecology and contribute to local biodiversity.

Improved and reseeded grasslands:

  • Covering around 42 hectares of the site, these meadows include greens, pre-greens, fairways, semi-roughs, practices and lawns.
  • They are maintained by regular sowing of grass species selected for their resistance to trampling and their ability to withstand varied climatic conditions.
  • They play an important role in infiltrating water and reducing runoff, helping to prevent flooding and protect water resources.

Mown meadows:

  • Covering around 3 hectares, these meadows are home to a wide variety of wild flora.
  • They are maintained by regular mowing, which maintains a diversity of plant species and provides a favorable habitat for wildlife.
  • They are a refuge for many species of pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies, which are essential for plant reproduction.
  • They are also home to a wide variety of birds, reptiles and small mammals that contribute to the site's biodiversity.

The Golf de l'Isle Adam forest: a precious green setting

The Golf de l'Isle Adam is home to a 75-hectare forest of mesomorphic and eutrophic woodlands. These types of forest, characterized by a wide diversity of tree species and dense vegetation, are particularly favorable habitats for biodiversity.

A rich plant heritage:

  • The golf course forest boasts many species of trees, including oak, ash, lime, maple, hornbeam and elm.
  • This diversity of species offers a variety of habitats and food sources for wildlife.
  • The undergrowth is also rich in vegetation, with ferns, mosses, lichens and a wide variety of wildflowers.

A haven of biodiversity:

  • The golf forest is a haven for many species of birds, including warblers, titmice, woodpeckers, owls and birds of prey.
  • There are also reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and a wide variety of insects.
  • Forests play an important role in the reproduction and development of many animal species.

Long-lasting maintenance:

  • The golf course forest is maintained on a sustainable basis by a forestry expert.
  • Pruning, cutting and planting are carried out with respect for the ecological balance of the forest.
  • Particular attention is paid to dead trees and cavity trees, which are important habitats for many animal species.

The meadows of the Golf de l'Isle Adam are home to a rich and diverse flora.

Remarkable diversity:

  • No fewer than 24 plant species can be found here, including two fairly rare orchid species: the puff orchid (Dactylorhiza simia) and the male orchid (Orchis mascula).
  • This diversity is higher than the national average for semi-natural grasslands, reflecting the ecological quality of the site.

A variety of habitats :

  • The presence of different types of grassland, from wet to dry to semi-shaded, offers a variety of habitats for plants.
  • This diversity of habitats enables a large number of plant species to coexist on the site.

A notable abundance:

  • The flora of the golf meadows is not only diverse, but also abundant.
  • This abundance is due to the quality of the soil, the sunshine and the sustainable management of the site.

A valuable ecological asset:

  • The diversity and abundance of flora on the golf course's meadows contribute to the site's biodiversity.
  • Plants are a source of food and shelter for many animal species.
  • They also play an important role in regulating the climate and protecting water resources.


The birds

Golf de l'Isle Adam: a paradise for birds

The Golf de l'Isle Adam is not only a place for sport and relaxation, it's also a haven for birds. With its four birdwatching points, the site is home to a rich diversity of avian species, to the delight of birdwatchers and nature lovers alike.

Exceptional bird biodiversity:

  • No fewer than 47 different bird species have been recorded on the golf course, for a total of 300 individuals.
  • Of these species, 32 are protected in France, including the European Kingfisher, Marsh Harrier and Red-backed Shrike.
  • 3 species are classified as "vulnerable", 4 as "threatened" and 1 as "fairly rare", underlining the site's importance for biodiversity conservation.

A concrete commitment to bird protection:

  • Since 2022, the golf course has been actively working to increase its bird population.
  • The installation of nesting boxes in trees, judiciously placed and adapted to the different species, is designed to encourage nesting and provide safe shelter for birds.
  • Nest boxes for chickadees, swallows, bats and owls have been installed, and their number is set to increase over time.

An ideal site for birdwatching:

  • The diversity of habitats on the golf course, from meadows to wetlands and woodland, provides a favorable environment for a wide variety of birds.
  • The four easily accessible observation points give observers an unbeatable view of the winged fauna.

Golf de l'Isle Adam is a concrete example of the harmonious cohabitation between human activity and nature conservation. By committing itself to bird protection and promoting biodiversity, the golf course contributes to the conservation of a precious natural heritage and offers a unique observation area for nature lovers.

Golf de l'Isle Adam: a haven for a rich and varied fauna

Golf de l'Isle Adam is not only a paradise for birds, but also a haven for a multitude of other animal species. As you stroll along its fairways, meadows and groves, you'll have the chance to observe a rich and diverse fauna, made up of both local and exotic species.

Fascinating wildlife:

  • Among the mammals, the deer, agile and discreet, slips between the trees. The red squirrel, lively and playful, sows joy in its wake. The orvet, a legless lizard, slips silently through the vegetation.

  • Insects, the winged jewels of golf, illuminate the meadows with their shimmering colors. The golden beetle, with its precious beetle-like appearance, forages for flowers. The praying mantis, a fascinating predator, lies in wait for its prey. The large green grasshopper, an acrobatic performer, makes spectacular leaps.

  • Amphibians add a touch of serenity to the water features. The green frog, with its melodious songs, and the newt, with its smooth, shiny skin, contribute to the ecological balance of the site.

A range of exotic species:

  • The golf course is also home to a number of exotic species, introduced by man and now invasive. The Canada goose, with its majestic plumage, and the coypu, a wily rodent, colonize the banks of lakes and rivers. The Florida tortoise, with its colorful shell, basks in the sun on rocks.

A life-size observatory:

  • Observing the wildlife of the Golf de l'Isle Adam is a unique and rewarding experience. Whether you're a seasoned naturalist or a simple nature lover, you're sure to marvel at the diversity of species that inhabit this exceptional site.

  • The presence of observation points and hiking trails means you can get close to the wildlife in complete discretion, and enjoy this fascinating spectacle to the full.

A commitment to preserving biodiversity:

  • The golf course is committed to preserving the richness of its wildlife through concrete action. The sustainable management of green spaces, the installation of nesting boxes and animal shelters and the fight against invasive species all contribute to maintaining an environment favorable to wildlife.

The Golf de l'Isle Adam is a veritable sanctuary for wildlife. By offering refuge to a multitude of animal species, it plays an essential role in the preservation of biodiversity and is an invitation to discover a fascinating wild world.