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6th Grand Prix du golf de l'Isle Adam

In view of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Grand Prix is cancelled, there will be no 2020 edition.





The event will take place on the Golf de l'Isle Adam course.



Simple stroke-play gross on 54 holes, 18 holes per day, cut after 36 holes, ranking on the addition of the gross scores of the 3 rounds.

The number of qualified amateur players after cut will be : 9 first ladies (plus any ties), 45 first men (plus any ties). The event committee has the right to change the cut according to the field of players and this until Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 inclusive.

Reconnaissance (by reservation) on Thursday, April 23, 2020. Course closed at 3:00 pm



One Gentlemen's Series: Index below 5.4

A Ladies Series: Index below 9.4



The event is open to ffgolf 2020 licensed players. For foreign players not licensed in France, be licensed in their country of origin.

Players must hold a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of competitive golf or the health questionnaire registered with the club or the Federation on the registration deadline. For foreign players not licensed in France, the medical certificate must be provided at the time of registration.

The license and medical certificate must be registered at ffgolf before the start of the event, otherwise the entry of the player's score will be blocked on RMS.

All players must have paid the "federal gambling fee" of €35 or be licensed by a recognised foreign federation.

All players must be up to date with their entry fees for all previous Grand Prix events in which they have participated, otherwise they will be refused.

Non-Smoking Test: See § 1.2-2 (I-9-3)



Registration opens on MONDAY, MARCH 02, 2020 (directly on

The deadline for registration is TUESDAY 7 APRIL 2020 at 6 p.m.

The list of selected players will be published on the club's website on MONDAY 13 APRIL 2020 at 11am.

Commitment rights :

- for adults over 25 years old (born before 1993): 100 euros

- for ffgolf licensees between 19 and 25 years old (born between 1995 and 2001): 50 euros

- for ffgolf licensees aged 18 and under (born in 2002 or later): 40 euros

- for club members: 40 euros

Any player declaring forfeit after the registration deadline (Tuesday 07 April 2020) remains liable for the entry fee.


Players' field:

The maximum number of players will be 120, including a minimum of 27 ladies (excluding WC) and a maximum of 12 wild cards.


The club must reserve 10% of its field of players for U16 Gold licences that do not fit via their place on the amateur merit list or by their index finger (example: May to August: 10% of 111 men = 11 and 10% of 33 women = 3). Places will be allocated according to the same criteria as the official list. A U16 player, holder of the Gold license, does not have to have the index required to join the 10% quota.

The players' field will be determined as follows:

Players will be selected by first favouring foreign players ranked in the top 2000 of the WAGR for men and in the top 1500 of the WWAGR for women, then according to the order of Amateur National Merit at the closing of entries, then the order of indexes while respecting the minimum number of checkers indicated in the previous table.
The possible index limit does not apply to players of foreign nationality ranked in the top 2000 of the WAGR for Men and in the top 1500 of the WWAGR for Women or to players ranked in the Amateur National Merit.



The 1st round, by time slots respecting the order of Amateur Merit then the ascending order of the indexes within these slots. (Departures will be available on Thursday 23rd April 2020 from 12.00 noon).

The starts of the 2nd round will be those of the 1st round by dividing them in half and swapping each half while keeping the same groups.

The starts of the 3rd round will be by order of gross reverse ranking of the first 2 rounds.

Tee times can be consulted on the Club's website: and on the F.F.G. website.

First lap: first start at 7:45 am

Second round: first start at 7:45 am

Third round: first start at 8 am



Gentlemen: Benchmark II - White Marks - 6,188 meters, Par 72 - SSS 72.4

Ladies: Marker IV - Blue Marks - 5,152 metres, Par 72 - SSS 72.3



In case of a tie for 1st place after the 2 rounds, a play-off will be played in hole by hole on holes 1,2,17,18.

NB: In the event that it is impossible to complete a play-off or to have it played, the provisional ranking will become final, unless the Event Committee decides otherwise (e.g. declaring co-winners).

For the other places, the tee-off will be on the 18, 9, 6, 3 and last hole. (RMS Ranking)



The first 3 gentlemen of the gross ranking will be rewarded.

The first 2 ladies of the gross ranking will be rewarded.



Sunday, April 26, 2020 at the Club House 30 minutes after the end of the competition, followed by a cocktail.

Arnaud VAN de MEIRSSCHE - Director Golf de l'Isle Adam

Nicolas BRULE - President AS Golf de l'Isle Adam

Jean-François DESSAINT - Arbitrator

Antoine TROJANI - Referee and league representative




If a player (or his cadet) behaves incorrectly, or does not comply with the code of conduct of the permanent local rules for amateur federal events (rule 1-2), he will be informed that the Event Committee will rule on a possible penalty up to and including disqualification. The decision taken by the latter shall be final for the event concerned. The player must comply with the Dress Charter in effect at the Golf de l'Isle Adam.

The Race Committee reserves the right to modify these rules during the Grand Prix to deal with any special event (bad weather,...).


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